dinsdag 18 december 2012

Sear Electronics Saturno

UPDATE 9/3/13

We started on the restauration and i't's easier than expected!! Check the video for the progress


UPDATE 5/2/13

I've got the lady home...no need to strip her..A good cleaning and 10 new reflectors and she is a go!!

If you visit my site, it will probably be, because you're interested in Vintage Light Effects, or you have one or more of these yourselves. So perhaps, you can help me out here. I've got these pictures of this light effect, but apparantly there can no logo's or inscriptions be found on the light effect to determine it's name or origine...
Please drop my a mail if you know what it is...

UPDATE :  Thx to Rinus, one of Hollands leading collectors of vintage light effects, we've managed to get at least the name of the product. It's a Sear Electronics. Typenumber is at this time still unknown, but I'm sure we will get to that.

UPDATE : Again thx to Rinus. The type is the Saturno...let's google to find additional information!!

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