woensdag 1 januari 2014

Welcome to my blog!

Being a deejay for more than 30 years in several discotheques and venues, made me a great fan of the old vintage 70/80's lighteffects. The most I like the effects which are manufactured with Par36 light bulbs. I like the mecanicsm, I like the noise, I like everything about them. Good scraftsmanship from brands like Coemar, Clay Paky, Nisel and Kremesa.

I try to salvage them, restore them in a good working order and then rent them to a select group of people who know how to handle them and put them to work on my own 70/80's parties.

If you know any forgotten effects, or know somebody who needs information about these things, let me know..I'm connected to a worldwide group of vintage disco lights lovers and we can provide answers to your questions.

Mail me : Info@ricovrijhoeven.eu or check my facebook : www.facebook.com/ricovrijhoeven

Are you interested in more collectors around the world, please subscribe to my facebook group, which you can find by following this link : https://www.facebook.com/groups/441795145913684/

Looking forward to your mail, enjoy the tour in this blog!!


Coemar Cybernetic (READY FOR RENT) (in store 1st week March 2014)

If you check out my posts on this blog, you will probably remember this item a few months ago. It was due to go to an auction, but I made an agreement with the seller to purchase it off-line. Therefor it was a big surprise when it went to auction anyway. So sometimes a handshake is not as sure as you would believe..
However the buyer went to ghet the item and was suprised with the dimensions and weight of this thing. he decided to contact me and offer me the Cybernetic.
I bought it and due to stockage problems, I will pick this one up, first week of March 2014. It needs some help on electrical issues, but as soon as she is functional, I will put up a movie op Youtube.

Coemar Trisball (READY FOR RENT)

The second unit I happened to stumble on is probably one of the most rare Coemar ball effects. In the Venus range, the M4 is very rare and expensive. I now know only two collectors that have a Trisball in the collection. And one of them is me. It comes complete with a dedicated flightcase and basemotor.

Already had some very interesting offers from other collectors to buy this item..
But as all effects in this blog. They are NOT for sale!

Look at the Trisball :

Programmissistem Luci Rotostar (READY FOR RENT)

Had a nice new year's eve surprise with somebodyu who mailed me with some pictures of some old disco effects, which had to go..
They came complete with flightcases and were in exceptionally good condition.

One of the items you see in the next blog, the other one was this nice effect, which looks like an ordinary helicopter, but the lamp units also have separated music triggered movements. Later the unit was copied by Superstar.

maandag 30 december 2013

Ever Hexagon

My first Ever product ever bought..Its a simple 6 bulb helicopter, but with a fairly complicated drive unit, which is situated at the inside of the head.

Just for fun!

Clay Paky Astro Disco 3 (READY FOR RENT)(2 pcs)

A littel bit further down the blog you will find and entry in which I display the CP astro Disco 3 with the very rare HTI version, which I sold. The actual owner had some damage with the unit and decided it was better to return her to me, because, and I quote "she is better off with you"...
But he didnt return just one unit, I bought his own unit, a standard AD3 with Halogen lamp also....so now I have 2 AD3 in my collection!!

maandag 25 november 2013

Pictures of my collection in action...

Cooperluz Harvester 9 2 G.F.

In House as of 27 novembre 2013

For everything, there has to be a first time and this is my First Cooperluz..They seller told me his jem needed a good home!!! How about that...I've already got the reputation of being a good dad for my vintage lights!!

donderdag 21 november 2013

Satel Oxis (in storage since decembre 18th 2013)

Got an offer to buy a Satel Oxis. In the early 90s I had two of them and they are still very cool vintage effects.
The unit was on a list of an inventory from a former Night Club named Red in Leeuwarden (NL)
I finally came to an agreement with the owner and got her. She is in a fairly good shape, but needs a new powdercoat and rewire...

Will keep you posted with the progress!