donderdag 25 september 2014

Welcome to my Blog!!

Being a deejay for more than 30 years in several discotheques and venues, made me a great fan of the old vintage 70/80's lighteffects. The most I like the effects which are manufactured with Par36 light bulbs. I like the mecanicsm, I like the noise, I like everything about them. Good scraftsmanship from brands like Coemar, Clay Paky, Nisel and Kremesa.

I try to salvage them, restore them in a good working order and then rent them to a select group of people who know how to handle them and put them to work on my own 70/80's parties.

If you know any forgotten effects, or know somebody who needs information about these things, let me know..I'm connected to a worldwide group of vintage disco lights lovers and we can provide answers to your questions.

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Looking forward to your mail, enjoy the tour in this blog!!



Got my hands on some old brochures. Here they are for you to share!!

donderdag 4 september 2014

Satel GO 24 Ready for Rent

A new and nice addition to my collection. Got it in a bargain together with a very battered Fal Lunar 24.
A little polishing and new bulbs and she's ready to go!

maandag 5 mei 2014

Starlight Cross (restauration project)

A very rare Britsh disco effect, with a heavy 36V 400Watt halogen lamp on the inside. Got it on ebay, wiothout knowing what i was..Its helpfull to have a big Facebook group to help you determine the brand and type!!