woensdag 1 januari 2014

Coemar Trisball

The second unit I happened to stumble on is probably one of the most rare Coemar ball effects. In the Venus range, the M4 is very rare and expensive. I now know only two collectors that have a Trisball in the collection. And one of them is me. It comes complete with a dedicated flightcase and basemotor.

Already had some very interesting offers from other collectors to buy this item..
But as all effects in this blog. They are NOT for sale!

Look at the Trisball :


And to give you an impression..here's a video :


Programmissistem Luci Rotostar

Had a nice new year's eve surprise with somebodyu who mailed me with some pictures of some old disco effects, which had to go..
They came complete with flightcases and were in exceptionally good condition.

One of the items you see in the next blog, the other one was this nice effect, which looks like an ordinary helicopter, but the lamp units also have separated music triggered movements. Later the unit was copied by Superstar.