dinsdag 25 augustus 2015

Welcome to my Vintage Lights blog!

Being a deejay for more than 30 years in several discotheques and venues, made me a great fan of the old vintage 70/80's lighteffects. The most I like the effects which are manufactured with Par36 light bulbs. I like the mecanicsm, I like the noise, I like everything about them. Good scraftsmanship from brands like Coemar, Clay Paky, Nisel and Kremesa.

I try to salvage them, restore them in a good working order and then rent them to a select group of people who know how to handle them and put them to work on my own 70/80's parties.

If you know any forgotten effects, or know somebody who needs information about these things, let me know..I'm connected to a worldwide group of vintage disco lights lovers and we can provide answers to your questions.

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Looking forward to your mail, enjoy the tour in this blog!!


Fabriluz Double Dice

Never seen this one on the internet and fellow collectors say this is a very rare item. Got it fairly cheap at an auction, together with other lights.
It comes with a universal controller for other Fabriluz, Kreluz, Strong and Cooperluz effects.
The only cool thing is that you can vary the speed of the dice and reverse the direction. The lights in the dice can be switched separately.
It has been in storage for a long time and the reflectors are fairly eroded but I cant rechrome them or replace so I will try to polish them to get some shine back.

here's an impression I made..Its a fine jem!

Programmisistem Luce Random Scan

Very lucky to get these simple put nice effects and they came in the original carton, with manual and invoice.
Its a simple 4 lamp par 36 6V30W lamp, which as a rotating mirror above each fixture.
The movements of the mirror can be auto triggered or music triggered. In the auto trigger mode, also the lamps go on and off in certain patterns.

Nice standalone effect, which if you have the connecting cable can be used in a master-slave setup

Kremesa CR20/3 Neptunos

A new add to the already vaste collection of vintage light effects.
The name already says it all.
20 is for 20 bulbs of 12V 50W in a special sealed beam raylight with a GY6.35 lamp base, which makes it easy and cheap to replace when a lamp is broken.

3 is for three movements, which makes it as versatile in use as an Clay Paky Astro Disco 3.
It came with a sturdy flightcase and is in a remarkable good shape

Here's an impression of her test run just of of hybernation