maandag 5 mei 2014

Starlight Cross (restauration project)

A very rare Britsh disco effect, with a heavy 36V 400Watt halogen lamp on the inside. Got it on ebay, wiothout knowing what i was..Its helpfull to have a big Facebook group to help you determine the brand and type!!

Sapro Trifid MK2 (SOLD)

I'm not a Sapro fan at all, so I dont think this one will stay long time in the collection.
However worth th post this on my blog, you for you to see the variety of my collection.

Fal Starlight PF 100

Very rare 8 lens disco ball, which has the same setup as the conventional Fal Lunar 8, but where the Par 36 are orginally replaced by gigantic glass lenses and the light is provided by a 220V 500Watt halogen bulb..enormous light!!

Very happy to have these!!

Clay Paky Orion (restauration project)

Very rare strobe balls from Clay Paky. One is in working condition, the second needs some serious work.

Keep you posted!!

To get an impression of the effect, here's a video. These are not mine,,in fact they are modified to fit a 800 watt halogen lamp.  Originally it's a strobe effect they produce.

Coemar Galaxy in Parts (restauration project)

Update april 2015..just added some pictures of the Galaxy ball in its new color!

Got my hands on a dissassembled Coemar Galaxy 36. All the parts are present, even some new parts. The Ball itself hasnt had a paint job yet, so I'm free to chose which color. The Coemar Galaxy came originally in Metallic Silver or Gold. but the other galaxy effect, the half balls also cam in metallic Blue and Red. I decided to make this one Metallic Blue.. As soon as she is ready, I will post some pictures..