zaterdag 15 december 2012

Kremesa CR 4 - 5 (READY FOR RENT FROM APRIL 1st 2013)

Some very rare Jems. I managed to buy these sisters from a guy who does some construction work. He was working in a former club in Zandvoort and when he took down the ceiling, he discovered them still hanging from the old ceiling, which meant they had been covered up for more then 15 years!!

I disassembled one of them to clean and powdercoat the pieces. Now I'm gonna re assemble them, but more furious. I'm gonna replace the original 12V 30W Par36 NSP lamps with amazing 12V 100W!!! Par 36 VNSP. That will cut through the smoke!!!
Will keep you posted with som progress pictures!!

UPDATE 28/12/12

The restauration of the first Kremesa begins to take shape...look at some pictures":

working and lubed mecanism!!

Motor installed!!

Modified for Powercon!!

Sea air makes them suffer a lot, they were very rusty when they came down the ceiling!! But still working!!!

After sanding and coating nr 1!!

Recplacing and lubing the bearings with old fashioned Copper Grease and fixing them with Stainless Steel A2 fasteners!!

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