zaterdag 29 december 2012

Nisel Maxi Radar

UPDATE 23/03/13  Finally got her home!!! And she's ready For Rent. Look at the size of this baby!!!
UPDATE 05/02/15 Finally made a youtube movie..please go to YT and look for Nisel Maxi Radar.
Added some pictures

UPDATE 12/01/13 YES!!! We've got one..Have to go pick it up in Switserland, but that's no problem. Expected : 1st week of March

If you have one (or more) or if you know someone who wants to sell his Nisel, please let him/her contact me.

I'm really on the market for a Nisel Maxi Radar, so not the Nisel Radar. Also very nice, but I want the Maxi...Here are some pictures from other vintage collectors.

UPDATE 15/01/13  Here are some pictures of the unit I bought, together with the flightcase

The size difference with an Astro Disco 3

To get a good impression of this effect, here's a video :

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