zaterdag 15 december 2012

Coemar Galaxy 12 (READY FOR RENT)

Update 28/12/12 :

Went and got it at this Ebay Seller. When I got there, the area looked familiar. Guess what? It was the same guy, who sold me the Galaxy 36 restauration project which you can fin this blog...

The Galaxy is in Mint condition at first glance, however when turnng, she makes a lot of noise. I need to lube the gearboxes on the head and look into the gear box in the foot, which seems to slip, so the ball moves irregular. Hope that there are no gear failures...hard to get parts

 ready for the trip!

Busted Cap

Needs ome TLC

If you want something really bad, sometimes you get it : I got it tonight. I´m the new proud owner of a Coemar Galaxy 12 in mint condition. I have to drive 500 km to pick him up, but that´s is no problem!! Another jem to my collection!!!

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