dinsdag 11 december 2012

Coemar Galaxy 36 (SOLD)

The Coemar Galaxy 36 was the biggest "ball" disco effect available. Unfortunately I have only one picture of the working effect and some pictures of the restauration project I had. I sold them both to RentFX in Amsterdam, who made both units like new. I have seen them a while ago, completely refurbished in custom made flightcases and I was glad they are still in mint condition!!!
They were heavy, big and when the two movements were used at the same time, they would make a ground support shake like a leaf!!!

I borrowed some pictures of Hans Bakker from RentFX in Amsterdam. He restored these gems to what they should be : Gems!!! Look at the pictures. He already has four of those in custom made flightcases!!!  That;s how you should treat 70's light effects!!!

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