dinsdag 22 januari 2013

Coemar Barriera 8 ( 2 x for Restauration)

After the lucky find of the Nisel Bar, I found two more!! Coemar Barriera's in reasonable good condition.
Had a modification on the mounting bar...Don't know whether I'm going to let them this way, or turn the mounting bar in it's original state.

Have to take them apart anyway. They need some TLC, and a good new wiring with Powercon and a Powdercoat. Will keep you posted on the progress!!

The Coemar folder (thx Rinus)

Will replace this with powercon!!

Homemade modification to put them horizontally on the floor...is easy, but not original...

In need of some new wiring

Barriera Closed

Barriera Open

The Twins

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